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Stem cell laws move a step closer in waiving the right to sue a health care provider for discrimination under the Civil Rights Act. On March 3, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the ACLU.

A lot of people seem to be skeptical of the fact that the court ruled in favor of equality. The Justice Department says it stands behind the decision.

Caitlin Curran: This is a tremendous victory for people who have been fighting for equality around the country.

Mike Maharrey: But we"ll still have to wait, and that"s the big thing about this ruling.

Caitlin Curran: To see this done, you have to know how to fight.

Mike Maharrey: If you see someone discriminating, you can report it to the police. In Virginia in the early 1990s, a woman named Patricia Givhan was fired for complaining about a dresser in her apartment building. There are laws in Virginia that say anyone who is charged with discrimination and is convicted, is facing up to five years in jail, as long as they can prove that someone they thought was responsible for discrimination was also the victim.

Patricia Givhan: We tried to get help, because in the case, even if you are convicted and you have to pay the fines, there is no way to get employment, no way to even get access to a job.

Mike Maharrey: She got married, and for the next two years, she worked at McDonald"s. It was an easier and cheaper route to the grocery store than going to court. But at that moment, a local city councilman was elected and was looking to expand the city"s health insurance option, because he heard his neighbor had a heart attack.

Cathy Bounds: He said, "I want to protect you. I think you should have that option to go to your doctor or to your doctor"s office or your doctor"s office." And he said, "Well, we can do this too." And so he passed the ordinance that required the hospital to charge a co-pay.

Mike Maharrey: But the hospital opposed that, and the federal government went to court. A group of federal judges in Washington, D.C. asked, why are we spending public money on a hospital? Shouldn"t it be a private insurance company? And that"s where a lawsuit over the cost of care, known as the Virginia Hospital Group v. Givhan came in.

Cathy Bounds: Our attorneys started to look at the data and we realized how much that hospital had saved on private insurance over the last 20 years.

Chris Kresser: It was a small number in the state. But it"s now considered one of the largest private health insurance settlement

Heavy rains in china leave at least 62 dead or missing as thousands flood streets to seek rescue Hundreds of thousands of people are now seeking shelter from the floods in Beijing after flooding swept through the city Sunday.

More than 6,000 people have been displaced and at least 62 people drowned in the flooding in Beijing. At least 42 people were killed in the city last month alone.

The disaster came only a day after a flash flood swept through the capital in March that killed dozens and caused billions of yuan ($5.6 billion) in damage.

In the wake of Sunday"s flooding, some 2,000 people have been rescued by boat from the rivers that now gush.

China"s State Environmental Protection Bureau said 885 people have been evacuated from five coastal cities.

Flooding swept through the city Sunday

Rescue teams have searched flooded streets in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, and rescue teams have been deployed in Shenzhen and Guangzhou"s riverside districts, officials said Sunday.

Charity partners such as Friends of the Earth China, the China Earthquake Relief Consortium and the Chinese Red Cross have joined in the relief efforts.

More than 2,000 people have been rescued from five coastal cities

Shenzhen City Fire Chief Zhao Shufang said around 3,600 people are on flood rescue boats, and 4,800 more are in "high seas" to rescue people stranded on the streets.

"The Red Cross and China Red Cross are participating in the rescue efforts with their flood emergency response services," Zhao said.

Rescue workers set out to check the safety of people stranded on flooded streets as Beijing authorities try to cope with a huge public disaster, the official Xinhua News Agency said.

A man looks at floodwaters during an evacuation drill, Saturday, May 29, 2016, in Beijing. Beijing has been gripped by the biggest-ever weather disaster in the country. It is the worst natural disaster in more than five decades. (Photo: Guo Weihai, AP)

Authorities said a city of 3 million people was hit by the torrential rains, forcing many businesses, homes and schools to shut.

Thousands of boats are already at the ports of Guiyang in central China and Qingdao in southwestern Liaoning province.

Liu Wenjing, a city government official in Hefei district, told the Beijing News that at least 1,100 people, mainly women and children, were stuck at the Lishang port in Hefei, and at the Shandong port in Heilongjiang province.

The Guangzhou Fire Department has sent more than 200 firefighters, police and firefighters to Beijing to assist, authorities said.

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